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SUPA Agricultural Research Group
SARG Vikas Samiti , Uttarakhand is a non- profit organization promoting Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture Systems in India for the past twelve years. SARG is based in Uttarakhand and operates out of Dehradun, Nainital, Akola and Hoshangabad . SARG started out as a small but quality based Training Centre in Manohar Biodynamic Orchard in Ramgarh , Nainital. SARG has been active in the state of Uttarakhanod, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. Founder of SARG played an important role in development of the Organic Agriculture policy of the new state of Uttarakhand which was later adopted by many states including government of India. SARG Maharashtra actively demonstrated the “DHULE PATTERN” of organic farming in Maharashtra which has been steadily progressing over the years.

Why Biodynamic & Organic Farming